Diabolique: Bruce in Bollywood

Over on Diabolique, I’m writing about Katilon Ke Kaatil and that time Dharmendra fought Bruce Le for the honor of Zeenat Aman and then General Ursus from Planet of the Apes came striding up.


Colonel Sun

Kingsley Amis’ Colonel Sun was the first James Bond book written entirely after the death of Ian Fleming. Amis sends Bond to Greece to foil a Chinese mastermind and delights in abusing M.



Cocktails & Capers: On the Negroni

On the Cocktails & Capers site, I’ve posted an excerpt from the book in celebration of Negroni Week, June 24-30. Surprisingly, the excerpt, from the chapter “Casino Amaro,” is about the Negroni.


Aboard the African Queen

A day spent puttering around the coast and canals of Key Largo on board the actual boat from one of my favorite films, John Huston’s The African Queen.