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Bahut yaarana lagta hai

Todd Stadtman’s vast, voracious appetite for the beautiful and strange art of the world pushed me beyond limitations I would have otherwise settled within. “I still have a lot to discover. “I still have a lot to discover” is one of the best feelings in the world, and Todd instilled it in me almost daily.

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Tarot Will Teach You

I have not touched a tarot deck since high school. My relationship with such things has always been casual. But as the human race continues to reel about in its own filth, I’ve begun to rethink my association with certain interests.

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That Prince Among Shampoos

“His two battered suitcases came and he unpacked leisurely and then ordered from Room Service a bottle of the Taittinger Blanc de Blancs that he had made his traditional drink at Royale. When the bottle, in its frosted silver bucket, came, he drank a quarter of it rather fast and then went into the bathroom and had an ice-cold shower

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