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Black Eagle

There’s a story about the day Sho Kosugi first arrived in the United States in pursuit of his dream of movie stardom. As the legend goes — for surely anything related to Sho Kosugi must qualify as legend, shrouded in myth, mist, and mystery — Sho stepped off the plane at LAX and meant to board a bus bound for

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Pray for Death

After Pray for Death, the ninja movement in America was dead. Sho’s career as a leading man had to end at some point, and at least he managed to deliver an enjoyable, if ludicrous (and aren’t they all), “final” film.

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Revenge of the Ninja

Sho Kosugi kicks the 1980s ninja craze into high gear in this gory tale of a man of peace pushed too far. Revenge of the Ninja has nothing to do with Enter the Ninja, other than having ninjas all over the place.

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