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Kung Fu Zombie

Kung Fu Zombie, , one of the films that inspired the creation of Teleport City, pits Billy Chong against an indestructible living dead martial artist with flaming hands and feet.

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The Super Inframan

Inframan is, in many ways, a perfect film, in that it is resoundingly successful in achieving what it sets out to do. Every one of its scenes could be bullet-pointed with the word “SEE!” in front of it.

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Deadly Art of Survival

My introduction to New York’s underground film scene came in the form of the “cinema of transgression,” as movement figurehead (eh, more or less) Nick Zedd dubbed it. Specifically, it came in the form of Richard Kern, whose crude, short films and videos were widely circulated on VHS in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was the work of

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Green Snake

The classic tale of a young scholar who falls in love with a snake spirit gets the Tsui Hark treatment in this lush fantasy film. Which is to say, it’s full of wild effects, gorgeous imagery, and is thoroughly depressing.

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Thai rocker turned surprisingly decent actor Preeti Barameeanant stars as twins brothers Tai and Tan. Tan was previously involved in the mysterious underground sport of fireball.

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