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The Stabilizer

Compared to the appellations given to the protagonists of other 1980s action films — the Exterminator, the Punisher, the Executioner — the Stabilizer sounds pretty benign. You’d almost think that he was given that name only because all of those others had already been taken. But then you learn that what the Stabilizer is in charge of stabilizing is the

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Rambu: The Intruder

One thing Rambu does is let you know immediately what kind of movie you are in for. If you don’t hoot with happiness over the first five minutes of the film, you’re probably not going to be down with the rest of it.

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Lady Terminator

It’s dialog is ludicrous. It’s action is frenetic, and also ludicrous. It’s gore is gratuitous to the point of being… well, ludicrous. Everything about it is so much more than it needs to be.

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