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Asambhav makes up for its lack of schizophrenic genre-hopping by trying to cram every single editing and camera trick from the last fifteen years into one film, and often into one scene, and occasionally into a single shot.

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Thai rocker turned surprisingly decent actor Preeti Barameeanant stars as twins brothers Tai and Tan. Tan was previously involved in the mysterious underground sport of fireball.

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Like several movies before it, and undoubtedly many more movies yet to come, Centurion indulges the recent fascination with the waning days of Roman occupation in England and Scotland.

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Bloody Tie

Bloody Tie sports all the polish and big budget precision typical of Korean action films but combines it with a frenetic, almost anarchic approach that makes the entire thing feel like it’s totally bonkers.

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The script should be giving us something more to root for in Sang-hwan other than “he’s the Chosen One,” but he never really gets much character redemption. He’s a lunkheaded, inconsiderate buffoon when we meet him, and he remains as such throughout the movie.

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