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Green Snake

The classic tale of a young scholar who falls in love with a snake spirit gets the Tsui Hark treatment in this lush fantasy film. Which is to say, it’s full of wild effects, gorgeous imagery, and is thoroughly depressing.

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A Wicked Ghost

Hong Kong gets in on the Ring craze with a slapdash tale of ghosts and curses which, despite its many flaws, still manages to be a pretty entertaining foray into J-horror, Hong Kong style.

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Bio Zombie

Although, predictably enough, Bio Zombie fails to effectively blend its horror with its slapstick comedy, the overall result is an energetic, bloody zombie romp that should satisfy fans of the genre, if only barely.

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Street Fighter

I can’t say for sure whether or not this was the first movie based on a video game whose primary plot was “two characters fight each other,” but I think it might be. If not, it’s pretty close. Street Fighter is best known for being the final film of well respected, Academy Award winning actor Raul Julia, whose final gift

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Khopdi: The Skull

Khopdi is like a ratty old blanket that smells of mildew but is never the less still festering in the attic when it should have been thrown out years ago. But you just can’t do it, can you?

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Pyasa Shaitan

I had pretty high expectations going into this film — not that it would be good, but that it would hilariously, confoundingly weird. And I was not disappointed. But I discovered that it was also actually pretty good.

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