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Black Eagle

There’s a story about the day Sho Kosugi first arrived in the United States in pursuit of his dream of movie stardom. As the legend goes — for surely anything related to Sho Kosugi must qualify as legend, shrouded in myth, mist, and mystery — Sho stepped off the plane at LAX and meant to board a bus bound for

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DOA: Dead or Alive

Aoki and Valance seem to possess almost no athletic ability whatsoever, and so to pass them off as fighters, Yuen relies on gravity-defying wirework and jumpy editing, as well as a dollop of CGI. He does the most he can with what little he has, but no one is going to be mistaking these gals for legitimate fighters. Even Hsu Chi was more believable.

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Revenge of the Ninja

Sho Kosugi kicks the 1980s ninja craze into high gear in this gory tale of a man of peace pushed too far. Revenge of the Ninja has nothing to do with Enter the Ninja, other than having ninjas all over the place.

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