Alcohol Professor: The Spirit of Dublin

In the whole of Ireland, there’s only one working distillery open to the public (Bushmills is technically in another country): the Teeling Distillery. In The Spirit of Dublin, I sit down with distillery co-founder Stephen Teeling to discuss his family history, the state of Irish whiskey, and the complicated process of building a distillery that is open tot he public in a country that has no guidelines for such a thing.

Alcohol Professor: The Irish Whiskey Trail

My trip to Ireland wasn’t all stone circles and eldritch pacts with ancient forces. I followed the Irish Whiskey Trail to visit the country’s distilleries – only to discover that you can actually visit the distilleries. But there are lovely museums.

Alcohol Professor: Jim Beam American Stillhouse

A new Frolic Afield, back on Alcohol Professor and back in the state of my birth. This time around, we’re visiting Jim Beam’s American Stillhouse. The Jim Beam distillery used to be a waste of time, little more than a trip to the gift shop and nary a glance at the actual business of making…

Alcohol Professor: The Still on the Hill

My vacation was nice, but it’s time to get back on the alcohol beat with another Frolic Afield at Alcohol Professor. The Still on the Hill chronicles a visit to Napa and Sonoma, where I eschewed vineyards and went to the Charbay whiskey distillery — where I drank wine. Complicated story.

Anchor Distilling: Making Whiskey Inside a Temple of Beer

Had myself a little visit to the corner of Anchor Brewing that is dedicated to distilling Old Potrero whiskey. My latest frolic afield takes me back to Alcohol Professor and to San Francisco for Anchor Distilling: Making Whiskey Inside a Temple of Beer.

Urban Bourbon: Brown-Forman

Maintaining the most notable presence amid the scattered remnants of Louisville’s once mighty whiskey distilling industry is Brown-Forman. Their facility near the corner of Dixie Highway and West Broadway (right across the street from Heaven Hill) is crowned with a giant bottle of the distillery’s signature product, Old Forester Bourbon. There is a second location…