• Diabolique: A European Vampire in Japan

    Whatever shortcomings Nobuo Nakagawa’s Lady Vampire may have is not enough to counter its chaotic appeal. It may be less gory than his next film, and big parts of it may make no sense, but it has an enthusiastic willingness to be weird.

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I, The Jury

When people who don’t have much first-hand experience with reading hardboiled detective fiction imitate the style, they’re imitating Mickey Spillane. Every sentence is boiling over with hate and disgust. Every thought is of violence.


Kim is the sort of hardboiled detective story that the pulp paperback industry could produce in its sleep, peppered with enough fist-fights, shoot-outs, and sex to keep the slim volume well-packed.


War of the Welles

In October of 1938, Germany invaded Czechoslovakia. Amid this air of paranoia, Orson Welles stepped behind the microphone for another broadcast of a radio drama, CBS’ The Mercury Theatre on the Air.