The Top and Bottom of 2016

Doing a most popular/least popular for the year is a statistical trick, since some articles have been around for the better part of a decade while others went up just last week. But I feel reasonable doing it anyway, since the new stuff tends to outrank the old stuff anyway. Plus, it’s not like the fate of the world hinges on accurately interpreting the metrics of Teleport City. And so it is with great fanfare played by a monkey with a squeeze box that I present to you the top and bottom ten most/least popular articles on the site during 2016.

Holiday Entertainment Extravaganza

I enjoy Christmas. And I’m not just talking about dark Pagan Yule. I’m talking the full-on materialistic “go see the windows at Saks” and listen to “The Little Drummer Boy” version of Christmas. This love of the holiday season manifests itself the same way most of my loves manifest themselves: with the obsessive assembly of a playlist.