Ghost of Yotsuya

Ghost of Yotsuya, one of the most famous of all Japanese ghost stories, has been adapted many times. The 1959 film directed by acclaimed master of Japanese horror Nakagawa Nobuo is generally regarded as one of the best.

The Soldier

If you want your thrills delivered with brains and wit, you’d best look elsewhere. If you want them delivered with bloody squibs and asinine writing, then the film for the job just might be…The Soldier!

Pray for Death

After Pray for Death, the ninja movement in America was dead. Sho’s career as a leading man had to end at some point, and at least he managed to deliver an enjoyable, if ludicrous (and aren’t they all), “final” film.

China Strike Force

The only thing memorable about China Strike Force is how good it might have been if someone else had directed. As has always been the case, Stanley Tong was given all the pieces for a great film and just couldn’t make them fit together.


Uzumaki is a film for people who like to be fucked with, who like to be unnerved, who like to get depressed and disturbed by a film out of nowhere, days or weeks after they’ve seen it. You’re sitting there, thinking happy thoughts, and all of a sudden you just feel creeped out.