Chief of Station

Keith is a New York based writer, freelance adventurer, and part-time intriguer who, in addition to founding Teleport City in 1998, has written for a number of other publications. Well, not a number. Some. They include The Cultural Gutter, Alcohol ProfessorCity magazine, Route 66 magazine, Toyfare magazine, and the book Sex and Zen and a Bullet in the Head by Stefan Hammond and Mike Wilkens. He got his start writing about film for the Independent Florida Alligator newspaper and has had articles and books rejected by some of the most respected periodicals, journals, and publishers in the world. He considers it a good day if he finds himself in a weather-shredded suit and tie, using a badly notched machete to split open a coconut and hand half of it to the scantily-clad woman sitting on the beach next to him as he stares contemplatively at the waves and listens intently for the sound of war drums drifting from the dense foliage of the jungle behind him.

If you need to get in touch, he monitors the numbers channels from time to time, but you might also just try using the form on this website.