It’s Called Gettin’ Down

On the Cultural Gutter, Gil Gerard wakes up in the future and teaches its inhabitants how to get down in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

The Buck Rogers of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was reimagined as a wise-cracking space shuttle pilot from the 1980s who, during a freak cosmic storm, is frozen in a state of suspended animation. Centuries later, his shuttle drifts back into the vicinity of Earth and is retrieved by the scantily-clad Princess Ardala, who is en route to Earth as a representative of the subtly-named Draconian Empire to negotiate a mutual defense treaty. Ardala is enamored with the cosmic throwback, as all men from the past flung into a distant future are witty, winking sex gods. Buck is allowed to return to Earth — still more or less unaware that he’s hundreds of years in the future and not just the butt of the world’s most elaborate aerospace prank.

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