Cultural Gutter: Heavy Light, Part 2

On the Cultural Gutter, I’m following up my exploration of Heavy Metal magazine with a look at Gandahar, Rene Laloux’s strange sci-fi epic about a horrifying totalitarian regime, animated by people living under a horrifying totalitarian regime.

We begin on a typically idyllic planet where all the plants are pink and weird and all the people are sexy, blue, and naked. Just when it looks like this flutey little berry pickin’ trip is going to get wild, everyone gets blasted with glowing pink lasers that turn them into stone. This has been happening all over the planet, Gandahar, and it’s up to the ruling body to figure out what the heck is going on. They dispatch lithe young warrior Sylvain, who proves why this is a matriarchal society, since the first thing he does is fall asleep while cruising around the sky on his sweet chrome robo-pteranodon and crash.

Full article: Heavy Light, Part 2: Heavy Metal Man