Diabolique: Main Hoon Dracula!

Over on Diabolique, I’m indulging my passion for Shaitani Dracula. Main Hoon Dracula! is the next step in my never-ending quest to promote Harinam Singh’s baffling, beautiful horror masterpiece to as wide an audience as possible.

If a creator of outsider art was in possession of a movie camera, a box of plastic Dracula fangs and a dozen rubber monster masks, the film that would come from that mind would look like Shaitani Dracula, a sublimely weird film from no-budget horror maestro Harinam Singh. Singh writes, produces, directs, and often stars in his own films, most of which are merely slapdash and borderline incompetent. But Shaitani Dracula is something else. His zenith. The culmination of a life spent in a threadbare industry with scant resources and constant attacks from moral guardians. It is a film so far beyond the pale of anything we can recognize as a movie that one can hardly call it a movie.

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