Cocktails & Capers: On the Negroni

June 24-30 is international Negroni Week, which benefits a wide variety of charities.

The Negroni makes a substantial appearance in Cocktails & Capers (in case you needed reminding that I have a book), in a chapter about amaro, Ian Fleming, Dusko Popov, the Americano, Gabriele D’Annunzio, World War II, organized crime, Campari, and wild Italian counts. On the Cocktails & Capers website, I’ve posted an excerpt from that chapter, “Casino Amaro,” that recounts the tangled, entertaining history of my go-go cocktail.

In his book Everyday Drinking, acclaimed British author Kingsley Amis described the Americano as “good at lunchtime and before Italian food.” He then went on to write: “If you feel that, pleasant as it is, it still lacks something, throw in a shot of gin and the result is a Negroni. This is a really fine invention. It has the power, rare with drinks and indeed with anything else, of cheering you up.”

Full article: Cocktails and Capers On the Negroni

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