Cultural Gutter: Moonbeams and Miniskirts

Over on the Cultural Gutter, I’m digging into the East German science fiction film Signale — Ein Weltraumabenteuer.

The film starts with a lesson all space people should learn: do not name your spaceships after characters in Greek mythology. Especially do not name your spaceship after a character in Greek mythology who was most famous for flying so high that he melted his wings and plummeted to his death. Naming your spaceship Icarus invites as much calamity as naming your spaceship “Space Titanic” or “Space Braveheart But Just the Last Few Minutes When They Are Castrating Him.” And sure enough, no sooner are we introduced to the crew of the Icarus, which has just picked up a mysterious signal that might be a transmission from intelligent alien life, than the Icarus explodes.

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