Diabolique: Taste the Hamburger of Dracula!

My write-up of Dracula, Sovereign of the Damned has moved to the Carfax Abbey that is Diabolique. Forget Avengers. Forget Iron Man. THIS should have been the future of Marvel movies: a Japanese adaptation of Tomb of Dracula.

Tomb of Dracula was just about the most perfect comic book a kid could ask for. Although I was a fan of most of the Draculas I’d seen in the movies — Bela Lugosi’s iconic Universal portrayal and Christopher Lee’s more savage turns in the Hammer films — comic book Dracula was my favorite. His dialogue was choice, so purple that “purple prose” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Dracula constantly screamed out his own name and a summary of his origin and current rank among the undead. The comic itself was full of half-naked vampire ladies, crossbows, cane swords, reanimated corpses, furry-vest-clad bikers with droopy mustaches, and all kinds of other wild stuff one might not usually associate with Count Dracula. He even fought Nazis.

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