Diabolique: Something Always Happens to Someone

Over on Diabolique, I’m writing about 1932’s The Crooked Circle, a low-rent “old dark house film” that also happens to be the first film ever broadcast via television.

It opens as any good film should: with a secret society of hooded criminals — the Crooked Circle — swearing allegiance to one another, to crime, to the occult, to pretty much anything evil they can think of. The opening ceremony thus dispensed with, they get on with notes from their previous meeting, which lead to new business: getting even with those dastardly do-gooders in the Sphinx Society, a local club dedicated to solving crimes and, more accurately, foiling the schemes of the Crooked Circle. It seems that the only crimes the Crooked Circle ever commits are against the Sphinx Society, and the only crimes the Sphinx Society ever foils are those of the Crooked Circle.

Full article: Something Always Happens to Somebody: The Screwball Spookiness of The Crooked Circle