A World of Wicker, Part 1: The Life and Myth of Emmanuelle

On Diabolique, I’m exploring the sultry wicker-heavy world of the legendary erotic film Emmanuelle, starting with the original book and the woman who wrote, or at least inspired it all.

There was something about it that made it different. Something about her. Sexy, sure, but it went beyond that. Alluring. Like a smooth cocktail lounge tune accompanying you on a breezy drive along the Cote D’azur. Someone at a party with a sly look, catching your eye and beckoning you away to a more secluded spot. Something sultry and smelling of wild flowers and coconut and basic human lust, swatched in stylish attire and always, always surrounded by wicker furniture. This was the world of Emmanuelle, a world awash in desire and experimentation and unbridled misbehaving and never burdened with consequence. A place that winked at you and told you, yes, it was fine to feel that way, and anyway, wouldn’t you like to see the bedroom…

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