Diabolique: Le Ore Che Contano

On Diabolique, I’ve compiled a list of Eurocult movie soundtracks to accompany “le ore che contano.”

In these moments just before and during intimacy, there are two important things you must have in place. First, check your breath. Second, make sure you have proper love making music on the hi-fi. Most of us understand that assailing your intended intimate (or intimates — we are liberated peoples of the world, after all) with a face full of sour stout beer breath can kill the mood. But just as effective at ending an evening that shouldn’t end is filling the room with the East London Rhode Island Pomp and Circumstance Military Marching Band’s Salute to John Philip Sousa. Unless, I suppose the sousaphone is your fetish, in which case, do your thing, you beautiful freak! But for those lacking a John Philip Sousa turn-on, while that album may be fine for strip clubs, when you are in your home, hotel, or a lean-to on a deserted beach, it behooves you to indulge in something a little more sensual.

Full article: ‘Le Ore Che Contano’ — 10 (ish) Servings of Continental Lounge to Accompany a Vigorous Session of Amore.