Alcohol Professor: That Dandy, Randy, Brandy Alexander

On Alcohol Professor, I’m writing about the history of the Brandy Alexander. It’s a story featuring guest appearances by James Bond, Walter Winchell, Murder Inc, Ziegfeld Follies chorus girls, Czar Alexander II of Russia, and a guy named Felix.

As with many classic cocktails, the origin of the Alexander is unclear. As is the exact recipe — to say nothing of the spelling, which includes Alexander, Alexandre, Alexandra, and I’m sure someone somewhere refers to it with a Castilian flourish as an “Alejandro.” The version most often remembered today is the Brandy Alexander, but brandy wasn’t always the star attraction. The original version called for creme de cacao, sweet cream, and gin. It was reportedly invented by bartender Troy Alexander at New York restaurant Rector’s. He wanted to create a drink to serve during a dinner celebrating the popular advertising character Phoebe Snow, clad all in white and used to promote “clean-burning” coal by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad.

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