Diabolique: History, Umberto Lenzi Style

I’m on Diabolique, continuing my look at Umberto Lenzi’s pre-Eurocrime/horror adventure films. This time, it’s Russian history with Catherine of Russia…which is not about Catherine of Russia but is about Catherine the Great.

For fans of swashbuckling cinema, Catherine of Russia has little to offer, with most of the “action” centering on throne room intrigue. Knef is a suitably imperious yet approachable Catherine, and Fantoni is a similarly passable heroic lead, but everyone is lost in the bright shining glow of Raoul Grassilli as Peter III. The story they are telling, budget notwithstanding, is a grand and operatic epic full of madness and espionage and war, and Grassilli sees no reason his portrayal of the insane tsar shouldn’t play to the back row.

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