Diabolique: Lenzi and the Lady Pirate

On Diabolique, I’m continuing to explore the early adventure films of Umberto Lenzi, who would become famous for his Eurocrime films and infamous for his cannibal films. But before that, he was swashbuckling with the Queen of the Seas.

Gastoni’s Mary Read may not be overly faithful to the real Mary, but she’s still afforded a chance to partake in all sorts of derring-do that, even in 1961, was frequently denied women, even in pirate movies, where they were often relegated to the role of sidekick or haughty lady taken prisoner by a dashing pirate with whom she will eventually fall in love. In contrast, Lisa Gastoni (and her stunt double) gets to engage in fist fights, high dives, sword fights, shootouts, and assorted acts of swinging from the rigging that all pirates are expected to execute.

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