Alcohol Professor: Whiskey Gift Guide 2015


Gift guides clog every aspect of media once we hit December, and while I can’t claim that my Whiskey Gift Guide on Alcohol Professor isn’t part of the crowd complaining about how crowded it is, at least it’s a list I stand behind, composed of stuff I actually like and that you can actually find and possibly afford. So while it lacks in $10,000 collector bottles and stuff that vanishes immediately into the private collections of investors, it contains plenty of great booze.

Is it that time of year already? So it is, and given that the holiday season doubtless involves Knecht Ruprecht showing up to swat people upside the head with his bag of ash, you’re going to need to arm them with the one thing that makes the intrusions of Santa’s many abusive sidekicks tolerable: whiskey. The ongoing whiskey boom has resulted in a deadly combination of high prices and low availability (oh, those sad, lost individuals still showing up to ask if a store has the Pappy Van Winkle they read about in a list of great gifts), but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of gift-worthy holiday spirits out there that fulfill the trifecta of 1) being affordable, 2) being available, and 3) being really good.

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