Alcohol Professor: That Whiskey from Indiana


Over at The Alcohol Professor, I talked to Josh Hatton from Single Cask Nation and the Jewish Whiskey Company about their recent bottling of “light whiskey” from Indiana’s Lawrenceburg Distilling. What is light whiskey? How did LDI find itself at the center of all this controversy about fake distilleries and craft whiskey? Oh, It’s that Whiskey from Indiana strives to make sense of it all.
MGP doesn’t

offer tours. They don’t advertise. They don’t bottle anything themselves or put their name on anything. They distill for others, and what those other companies do once they buy their barrels — whether they are honest about the whiskey being “sourced” from MGP or whether they obscure the fact behind a fake origin story and fake distillery — has nothing to do with MGP. And yet the big Indiana outfit finds their name mentioned frequently, often times in ways that imply the whiskey they distill, by nature of being from a large industrial operation, is inferior to whiskey from a true, small craft distillery.

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