Cultural Gutter: Keep Searching

April at The Cultural Gutter is the month we take a break from our usual beat (mine is science fiction) and write about something else. So I wrote Keep Searching, about The Search for Weng Weng and how passion for film (or any creative art) can lead to real-life fun and adventure.

Digging past the novelty, and the scant few “facts” that circulated about his career, Leavold launched a multi-decade “search for Weng Weng.” After discovering that most of the info about Weng was vague (at best) or complete fabrication (his career in erotic movies…), Leavold decided a documentary needed to be made. And there was really no way to do it other than going to The Philippines. So he and a small crew loaded up and began the search with almost nothing to go on, hoping the picture might solidify a little once they reached their destination.

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