Cultural Gutter: Something Kinda Funky

It’s a blue moon month for me over at The Cultural Gutter, and I get the honor of ushering in All Hallow’s Eve, scary sci-fi style. Something Kinda Funky looks at the time Buck Rogers, Wilma, and Twiki faced off against a nefarious Space Count Orlok in the classic Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode, “Space Vampire.”

For the overwhelming majority of its two seasons, Buck Rogers was a generally breezy affair. Gil Gerard would wear a chest-revealing silk shirt and crack wise. Wilma would be confused. Twiki would crack wise. Dr. Huer would be confused. Then they’d probably show the footage of the star gate and one of the fighter ships flying through an explosion. Throw in Markie Post in a shiny jumpsuit and paycheck cashing guest star, and you had just about everything you needed. Which is why “Space Vampire” is such an oddball entry into the otherwise goofball canon.

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