Son of Booooozy Tales


Last Halloween, I wrote an article on Alcohol Professor about haunted bars in New York City. Well, gather ’round the campfire, children, because I’ve more macabre drinking tales yet to tell. Only this time, we’re going global. Son of Booooozy Tales: Haunted Bars Go International looks at haunted pubs, bars, and watering holes in New Orleans, Seattle, London, Wales, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Sydney. Be ye fairly warned. The person sitting next to you at the bar might have been there since the 1800s.

If any city can lay claim to being America’s most haunted, then it has to be New Orleans. Every aspect of the French Quarter seems designed to augment the town’s reputation as a hotbed of supernatural shenanigans. I mean, this is a town where real estate agents regularly list whether or not a house is reportedly haunted. There are few better places to follow up a visit to the grave of voodoo queen Madame Laveau than the French Quarter’s Old Absinthe House.

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