Cultural Gutter: Cyberpunk for a Cyberpunk World

Time once again for my monthly article on The Cultural Gutter! As a fan of cyberpunk from the 1980s, I often wonder if there’s any decent example of the genre that makes sense in what is basically our post-cyberpunk reality. Cyberpunk for a Cyberpunk World looks at why cyberpunk didn’t survive, why it should have, and how David Louis Edelman’s Jump 225 trilogy is the best example of post-millennial cyberpunk literature.

Edelman’s three books — Infoquake, MultiReal, and Geosynchron — were exactly what I wanted from modern cyberpunk. They maintained a similar style to the works of the 1980s, and they explored many of the same questions about the intersections of humanity, technology, and government, but they weren’t nostalgic rehashes or “love letters to.” They understood that guessing the future was pointless and inconsequential, that they needed to be about now. The trilogy is very much a thematic and spiritual continuation of Islands in the Net, with renegade corporations, political revolution, and the unpredictable role of Third World countries. The story is set in the future, with futuristic technology, but it’s very much about the present.

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