Booo-zy Tales of Spirited New York


Time for a spooky new Frolic Afield. Back again on The Alcohol Profressor, I’m taking you all on a gaslight tour of New York City’s most famous haunted bars and taverns. Booo-zy Tales of Spirited New York will bring you face to face with spectral sailors, poltergeist pirates, and at the ghost of at least one drunken poet. Or, if nothing else, you’ll get a decent pint and a dram of Tullamore Dew.

New York City is home to some eight million souls — many more if you count those not currently associated with a body. The city has more than its fair share of ghosts and haunted houses — from former showgirl Olive Thomas at the New Amsterdam Theater to Mark Twain and the “House of Death” on 10th Street in the West Village. But my heart has always been with the ghosts who eschewed theater catwalks and quaint townhouses and chose to spend eternity drifting around their favorite bar, tavern, or saloon. From flirty sailors to cranky US vice presidents, these haunted New York bars can serve you a solid pint and possibly a spooky encounter.

Read the full article…IF YOU DARE!

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