Be Right Back

Some of you might have noticed that, beyond some posts linking to things I’ve written elsewhere, Teleport City has been a little stagnant lately. After explaining why on our Facebook page, it occurred to me that only a small percentage of our readers look at that, so I figured I should spread the word directly from the source. No, we’re not shutting down production. You think I’m gonna let THE MAN off that easy? What we are doing, or rather, what I am doing (the royal We), is writing a book. For honest and true this time.

And that, it turns out, takes up a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Some of you might recall the Sneak Peek I posted a while back — which I am linking to there with the caveat that, basically, that intro is almost entirely different in the current draft — giving a quick run-down of the subject matter, which is, in a rather large nutshell, James Bond and booze. Rest assured, those of you who come here for movie writing rather than further tales of my bourbon-soaked exploits, that I am aware of your preferences, and in true Teleport City fashion, am writing a book that is as unfocused, rambling, and confused as everything else on this site. Which means even if you don’t care about James Bond or drinking culture and history, perhaps you can come for the tangents about sex-crazed secret agents, occultists, Hong Kong spy movies, middling early 20th century opera singers, 19th century hoteliers, lavish locations, and other assorted monkeyshines.

Point is, Teleport City is in no way being abandoned, or even neglected. I am still actively looking at our statistics to see which reviews are the most popular (Diamonds of Kilimandjaro, Ghost with Hole, and a surprise surge from the middle of the pick to third place on the all-time hit list for Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani) and which people other people most want to see naked (Chingmy Yau, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and any woman from a Bollywood horror film, with “jackie chan bare ass” coming in a respectable and close fourth). And I have a lot of half-written articles (about the Emmanuelle films, Rainer Fassbinder’s World on a Wire, Soviet fantasy films, and surreal European fairytale movies) that I peck away at when I want to write but cannot possibly bring myself to write another word about the history of amaro or what sort of restaurant Tee-Hee and Nick-Nack would open together.

So I hope you will bear with me during this time of slackened production. The book is actually, for once, proceeding at a considerably rapid pace (anyone who knows the story behind previous attempts at a Teleport City book knows where those ended up), and I am genuinely excited about it even though there’s no publisher yet and I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll still be maintaining my schedule at both Alcohol Professor and The Cultural Gutter, so you can always read new stuff there, or you can pick through our back catalog for some long forgotten gems.

And if you are interested in Bond Vivant: Hitting the Bar with the World’s Least Secret Agent, which I probably will not mention in a post here again until the damn thing is finished, the book has a Facebook page which is serving as the official place for news, updates, gratuitous Oliver Reed and Mie Hama photos, and whatever else comes up over the course of polishing the book off and up.