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30 Views of New York City

I walk a lot. Because I am cheap, and because New York is a city that rewards the walker. I walk a lot and take a lot of pictures, because this is also a city that changes with a breathless, frighteningly rapid pace. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse, but either way what once was probably won’t be for long, so you can always stick around for the next iteration if you don’t like what you see today. So here’s thirty scenes, photographed with no particular skill on my part, in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

4 thoughts on “30 Views of New York City”

  1. Orange man and penny man. Nice.
    You have a wonderful eye for character, story and whimsy Keith. I also admire your gargoyle series.

  2. OMG.. The old trolly. Fantastic! The adage is true. The only way to truly know your city is by walking. It’s the only way to discover the things you have generously shared with us here. Great post!

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