6 thoughts on “Iron Claw the Pirate”

  1. Is the blonde girl in the second set of photos by any chance the actress who played “Zale” in “Kilink : Strip and Kill”?
    Also, I don’t know if this is a place to ask for spoilers, but can you tell me what eventually happens to the “Cancel” character? (I’m always curious about what stories do and don’t do with their villainess characters, as opposed to the male villains.)

  2. My memory of this film is a little hazy at this point, but, after scanning my review, I’d have to guess that Cancel got shot in the face.

  3. Would you happen to remember by whom, one of her own people, or the heroine or the hero? The reason I’m curious about that one detail is that, it always surprises me when a story does that last thing. Like the ending of “Argoman,” which surprised me as it did you, with the hero dealing so ruthlessly with the villainess – even when the hero’s an “anti-hero” it’s unusual.

  4. Actually, I really don’t know. I was really just kidding, based on the fact that looking back over my review reminded me of how literally dozens of people lost their faces to gunfire in this film. What I would recommend is checking the film out for yourself, because it’s pretty awesome.

  5. Using Fantomas wouldn’t necessarily be copyright infringement, given how long ago the character was invented. It doesn’t sound like they copied the 1960s version exactly (even if the differences are due to laziness/low budget).

  6. Are French copyright laws as merciless and as mercilessly abused as American ones?

    Either way, who’s going to Turkey to tell them to stop?

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